Advance Directives

Advanced Directives

Patients at Sharon Regional Medical Center have the right to make decisions about the use of life-sustaining treatment. An advance directive, or living will, is your opportunity to make your wishes known. As a patient, you can also appoint a family member or friend to be your health care power of attorney to carry out your wishes and make decisions for you when you are not able.

Sharon Regional Medical Center will recognize and comply with any valid advance directive. If you already have a directive prepared, please provide it to your physician or a nurse. If not, you can prepare a living will and health care power of attorney by:

  • Downloading an advance directive form for your state (click here)

  • Requesting an advance directive form from a Sharon Regional Medical Center nurse during your hospital stay

A living will is not required to forgo or withhold life-sustaining treatment or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but it is helpful for the patient's health care providers, family, and friends to have made their wishes known in advance. For this reason, Sharon Regional Medical Center encourages everyone to prepare a living will.