Behavioral Health

Sharon Regional Medical Center offers the most comprehensive selection of behavioral health services between Pittsburgh and Erie. Our program features board-certified psychiatrists, including those specializing in children and adolescents. These providers direct the care of patients along with a team of licensed social workers, therapists and mental health professionals.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health - Outpatient Services
2375 Garden Way, Hermitage, PA 16148
Phone: 724-983-5454

Crisis Referral Line: 724-983-5644

Sharon Regional
740 East State Street, Sharon, PA 16146


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Adolescent & Adult Behavioral Health Services

Sharon Regional Medical Center has been offering behavioral health services to families in Mercer County and surrounding regions since 1963. We proudly offer acute, sub-acute, and community-based services for the treatment of mental health issues through inpatient hospitalization in Sharon, partial hospitalization in Hermitage, and mobile rehabilitative services throughout Mercer and Lawrence counties.

It is our mission to continuously strive to meet the behavioral health care needs of the communities that we serve by supporting each individual on their journey to recovery through the provision of intensive and acute treatment options that meet the dynamic and diverse needs of the individual.

Our services include:

Our team of board certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, therapists, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, and mental health professionals specialize in helping families deal with the stress and problems encountered in everyday life. 


Chronic stress
Consumed by Chronic Stress? Seek Relief
Small bursts of stress can be motivating and beneficial (for example, your in-laws are arriving in a few hours and you need to clean your whole house).
Sharon Regional Medical Center Notice of Availability of the 2023 Annual Quality Improvement Plan
Sharon Regional IBH Services hereby announces that the 2023 IBHS Quality Improvement plan is available for viewing upon request by the parent/caregiver/legal guardian, youth/ young adult upon admission to the Individual/Group IBHS program. Additionally, this report is also available to the public upon request.

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