Medication Management & Psychological Services

Medication Management & Psychological Services

The clinicians at Behavioral Health Services in Hermitage provide evaluation and diagnosis of mental illness, psychotropic medication management and monitoring, as well as specialized psychological testing.

Medication Management & Psychological Services

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Outpatient Psychiatric Services
A team of board certified psychiatrists, physician assistants and a registered nurse meet with patients and review the progress of medication treatment to help manage side effects and any necessary medication or dosage changes.

The Clozaril (Clozapine) Clinic
Clozaril Clinic offers an alternative to the patient suffering from a psychotic disorder that has been resistant to the various medications used in the past. Clozaril is a unique anti-psychotic medication that is a preferred choice for hard to treat patients with serious mental illness.

The program offers:

  • Blood draws
  • Laboratory services
  • Medication distribution
  • A patient monitoring system
  • Education and support

Because the medical and psychiatric support needed is provided under one roof, the program offers a more convenient, effective and safer service for the patient on Clozaril (Clozapine).

Psychological Testing
The psychology department of Behavioral Health Services provides a full range of psychological testing to include intellectual testing and personality evaluations and diagnosis of mental disorders. Testing and consultation is also provided as part of preparation for bariatric surgery.

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