Direct Colonoscopy

Direct Colonoscopy

Sharon Regional Medical Center offers direct access services for screening colonoscopy patients. (referral required)

Direct Colonoscopy

Sharon Regional Medical Center
740 East State Street
Sharon, PA 16146

Screening Colonoscopy Procedures for Patients. Referral required from Primary Care Provider or Specialist.

Direct Colonoscopy Offers:

  • A dedicated service that makes scheduling a colonoscopy for patients quick and easy
  • Centralized scheduling for patients through a dedicated scheduling line
  • Access to an experienced Nurse Navigator to serve as patient and office liaison
  • Nurse Navigator will provide one-on-one management; including initial assessment and scheduling directly with patient
  • Personalized service includes completion of patient assessment and insurance verification to determine patient candidacy
  • Once approved for procedure, Nurse Navigator will verify and review all pre-procedure information with patient
  • Direct post-procedure follow-up with PCP or referring provider office on status of patient
  • Management of patient follow up including appointment scheduling and report management 


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